Tree Service

Aim to Please tree trimming and pruning is done in accordance with the American Standards in Institute (ANSI) standards.


Below is list of common terminology used when referring to tree trimming and tree services.  As always, we do offer our customers 24 Hour Emergency Service.


Crown Cleaning (Deadwooding): The selective removal of dead, diseased, broken or weakly attached branches from the crown of the tree.

Crown Raising (Raising Lower Limbs): Removal of the lower branches on a tree.

Crown Shaping: To trim back unnecessary length on limbs to bring the tree back into natural shape.

Crown Thinning (Interior Pruning): The selective removal of foliage and growth to increase light penetration and air movement through the crown, and to reduce weight.

Side Trimming (Directional Pruning): Trimming a portion of a tree back from an object to allow adequate clearance.

Crown Reduction: Reducing the outer perimeter of a tree, usually by one-fourth or one-third, to lighten the weight of the limbs and to enhance the appearance of the tree.

Removal:  Removing a tree or bush to a level as close to the ground as possible without using specialty equipment such as a stump grinder.

Stump Removal: To grind the remaining stump down to 4-6 inches below the surface. Grindings typically stay.  At this level, seed or sod may be laid, but another tree or plant cannot be planted. Deeper grinds may be available upon request.

Surface Root Removal: To grind roots that break through the surface of the ground.